Sunday, August 24, 2008

Same Old Same Old

So far for the month of August, not much has changed. Misi ended up not passing one of his classes and was unable to graduate. We weren't very happy with the Professor, he was very rude and unwilling to help him out. So, I've been working and misi has been working on getting into his online class and finish getting ready for football.
Baby Update
Everything has continued to look really good. I went in on the 19th and we were able to hear the heart beat. Makes it seem even more real when you hear that. I have just started to get some sort of pooch. It's the kind where you look like you've had too many french fries, rather than looking pregnant. My time will come, I know. We should find out in September what we are having. We are excited to see what the gender will be, and need to start thinking of some names!

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