Friday, February 12, 2010

Good times!

Here we are! We've had quite a busy couple of weeks! Last Wednesday we had to take Palo into the ER because she wasn't breathing very well. Her pulse was in the low 60's pushing into the 5o's! It was quite scary, but with breathing treatments, anti-biotic's, and a lot of sit and hold time, Palo is finally starting to recover! She is such a strong little bug and we couldn't be any happier she's doing so well! As for me, I am exhausted!! I haven't slept in--I don't even know how long! But, I can't complain...I feel very blessed.
Here she is on her 'bike' which she absolutely loves!
Day after ER visit, still a little pale and thinner. She lost over 2lbs!
Still smiling despite not feeling well.

In the ER, this is an IV...they wrapped it a bunch to keep her from moving her arm.