Thursday, November 18, 2010

Palo up-date

Palo is such a funny girl! We are always laughing at her.
Right now she loves school buses. When ever she see's/hears one
she will yell BUS!!
She loves her 'auntie' and 'uncles' she asks me numerous times
throughout the day where they are.
She is obsessed with talking on the phone. As soon as I get on, she will immediately come over
and tell me she wants to talk.
She loves her 'Nanna's' and 'Pappa's'.
She's in love with her cousin Bubba, and wants to hold and play with him all the time.
Still loves my mom's 'Kitty Cat'.
Loves to read books. Loves watching Barney and Baby Einstein.
She loves 'amimals' and always wants to play with them.
Lately she's been singing...sometimes it doesn't sound like anything, but it sure is cute!
When something happens to her, she drops something, something falls down, etc. She will always say 'Oh, man!'
She is always talking! It's definitely a highlight of this age.
Palo loves to copycat! She likes to do what everyone else is doing.
When she gets in trouble, or knows it's time to go to bed, she will ask us if she can have 'one more minute?'
Here's Palo and her favorite cousin 'Bubba!'
Palo likes to be like daddy and had him put his belt on her while she played.

 Palo got into Mommy's make-up and knew just what to do. She just happened to pick the brightest pallet to work with, too!
 She was so proud of her work!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Happy Halloween!

We had a fun Halloween this year.
 Misi was gone on a football trip, so Palo and I celebrated together.
 We started off by taking the two babies, 
Palo and her favorite cousin Jak's to see grandpa and grandma Frei.
 They both looked so cute, we just couldn't get enough!

 Palo HAS to have an apple evertime we go to the fruitstand!
 Cutest Lion EVER!
 We loved watching her little tail wobble
Inside Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandpa Frei was telling us about his buck, which is mounted on the wall...he said it's ranked in the top 10!
 Right after visiting the Frei's we headed to the Samoan Branch for their trunk-or-treat.
Palo had such a good time.
 Walking around. At first Palo wasn't sure what was going on,
but after she saw they were only giving her candy
she got used to it.
 Crazy Boy's!
Eating MORE candy! She loved that mom let her have whatever candy she wanted. Only once a year, right!?
Thankfully she never finished a whole piece. She would open it up, try it out for a minute then move onto the next piece.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Daddy Time

Palo absolutely LOVE'S her daddy. She will cry when he has to leave and go to work.
So, when dad get's home from work/practice she is the happiest girl around.
They get to play play play...
and even have little photo shoots together!

Smile Moments

While Palo was watching a movie, she was also entertaining her-self with the basketball.
She's loves playing with any type of ball.
This just made me smile :)