Thursday, August 2, 2012


July 29, 2012

 July 30, 2012
The girls and Jaks! Paalo loves seeing her 'white bubba!'


July 28, 2012
Just another day playing together!

 They love this trick!


July 24, 2012
Enjoy some neighborhood fireworks on the 24th! Paalo was so scared to hold the sparklers but would if someone else did it with her. She did brave it a couple times and held it on her own, but then ended up burning her hand! 


July 23, 2012
Our girls go everywhere with us, and that includes the gym! They love coming and playing in the gym...and they end up doing a little but of 'working out' too!


July 21, 2012
For my birthday we took the girls down to Vegas to hang out, play, and watch Kallan play basketball. We went to dinner Friday night at the Mandalay Bay buffet, drove down the strip, and by then everyone was tired and ready for bed! Saturday my parents took Kallan to his game, while the rest of us went and walked around the mall. It was a little weekend!
Here are the girls playing in the mall. 

 At home watching the girls be silly. Tali had wandered down the hallway and came back looking like this! Silly little girl!


July 17, 2012
Just for fun (and Jadon) I'll post these pictures of some of the kids Misi has been training. They work their butts off everyday! It's fun to see them improve and work hard!


July 17, 2012
More pics of these two sisters. They love each other. So much. I'm so lucky!