Thursday, May 26, 2011

Palo up-date

Our little mama is quite the character! I thought I'd share a few quick facts about her!
She knows all her ABC's, and can count to 20.
She still loves to go with dad to 'run with the guys'
She's obsessed withe her auntie's and uncle's. She loves them all SO much and cries when we have to leave them.
She is very kind and polite. She will always say 'Thanks, mom!'
She does very well around other people and is a total social bug. Once she gets warmed up to them she will talk their ear off, showing them her owie's or something she can do.
She loves to sing and knows SO many songs. I always get surprised when we're driving in the car and she starts to sing with the radio.
She is SO excited to be a Big Sister. People always ask where her sister is and she will always say 'In mommy's tummy!'
She will ask me if my tummy is ok, and then tell me 'It's ok mom. You're ok.'
When my tummy hurts she will rub it for me. She is always so sweet and concerned that I'm feeling well.
She likes to tell Misi and I that she loves us...and is always willing to give us hugs. I love this about her.
She's become a pro at daddy's 'Ipod' and asks to play on it all day long. It's amazing how fast she caught on to running it.
Palo is such a kind little bug and we love her so much. It's a matter of minute/days and she'll have a sister and we know that she's going to be a BIG helper. How blessed we are to have beautiful, healthy children come into our lives!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Palo loves putting on her 'Fwitties' (pretty's)! She gets so excited when we tell her how beautiful she looks!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Palo and her Daddy

These two love to play together, and love taking pictures together.