Sunday, October 7, 2012


September 26, 2012
Such a beautiful girl. She is a wild, crazy, kind, thoughtful, feisty, fun little mama that we love so much!


September 25, 2012
 Tali just being her cute self! This little cutie is obsessed with watching Signing Time right now, pretty sure that's what she's doing in this picture!


September 22, 2012
How you stay sane when grocery shopping: take your husband, and he puts kids on rides!
 not sure why we took a picture of Paalo sleeping?!


September 21, 2012
Hanging out at Uncle Kallan's football game. Both girls LOVE watching their Uncle(s) play! This is one of my favorite times of year; being able to attend football/basketball games!

game time=laugh time

September 21, 2012
What happens when daddy comes home?? He plays games like 'The Quiet Game' and our 15 month old thinks it's hilarious! She was so funny to watch because she kept losing, but had no idea what they were talking about she just thought it was hilarious. She loves to copy/mimic Paalo's and daddy's actions and these photo's tell all. Nothing makes me happier then seeing Tali (and Paalo) smile. Her dimples melt me. 


September 20, 2012
These to watching a movie. Does nothing but bring a smile to my face!



September 19, 2012
Fall is approaching which means we can be outside more and not get heat stroke! My girls end up doing a ton of this! Playing in the water, and just being outside. I think Paalo turned the spout on full blast and Tali got the brunt of it...she didn't seem to mind!

Primary Program

September 18, 2012
Paalo will be involved in her first Primary Program this year! She seems to be very excited! However, knowing Paalo and her stage fright, I will be very surprised if she says her part! Uncle Jadon would be proud :)


September 17, 2012
These 2 girls can be crazy! Tali was saying 'Cheese' in these pictures even though it's hard to tell! Sure do love them! Tali is talking a LOT more! She LOVES singing time and can do most of the signs. She is a very smart baby. Paalo was smart too, but much different than Paalo. Tali calls everyone 'Mama' for some reason, she LOVES dogs and gets very giddy when she see's them! Tali is also a VERY good sleeper, again very different then her sister Paalo. Paalo is our little Diva. She loves girly things (make-up, dress ups) but would rather be playing football and wrestling with the boys. She's also got this awesome 3 year old temper. Thank goodness she's a good helper, sister, and always willing to do what her mom needs her to do!