Friday, August 29, 2008


It is officially football season, and we are pretty excited. I definitely love the atmosphere of a football game. The Aggies here in Aggieland have their first football game tomorrow...and we are excited to watch them play. Ican't forget to mention back home, BYU is playing as well...we will be rooting for both teams. Hopefully we will have some good new about Misi and his football career. We have waited for quite a while but know that is is for a good reason, and will only bless our lives. Good luck to Mykelle this weekend as she plays in her tournament. We look forward to hearing how things went.

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Darice said...

Whit...okay you smuck.. I had to overhear Alaina Parker talking to Mykelle about you being pregnant. What is up with that. Just Kidding.. I am so excited for you guys.. it will totally change your life. I found your blog through random people.. but so glad I did. Mine sucks and is a work in progress.. but that is okay. At least I have one. Hope you guys are well.. miss you. D