Monday, August 4, 2008


I'm sorry that it has been such a long time since we have posted on the blog. Most of you don't know, but we don't have the Internet where we live. It's very hard not having the Internet but we are getting by. I'm just going to do a quick update of what we did this weekend, and then hopefully next time I get to a computer I will bring my camera and post all of the events that went on for the month of July.
This last weekend we moved out of the rental house, and into an apartment. We moved about fifteen minutes away from where we were; from College Station to Bryan, both still in Texas for those who may be wondering. We really wore ourselves out on the move, too. With the temp. in the hundreds, and 80% humidity, it was extremely hot and uncomfortable. We got it all done, and that's what really counts.
Misi graduates this weekend. He has finals and Wednesday and Thursday, so we sure hope he does well and passes the classes. We will wait and here back from the agent this weekend about football updates. The agent has been working hard, and is going to try and get him on a practice team, so there is still hope!
As for myself, I am still working for the Chiropractor. I still feel great, haven't been sick or had any major problems with the pregnancy. I still forget that I am even pregnate, but I'm sure that is bound to change when I start to grow. The last ultrasound we went to went really well. The doctor said the baby was looking good, and healthy. I do have to say that I got kind of nervous when the doctor started to point out what parts of the body were what. He showed me where the head was, and I thought it looked a little bit big for my liking. So, that is definitely a Misi trait!
I will try really hard to get some pictures on here. Sorry that it has taken so much time!

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Lainee said...

Congrats Misi! Graduating from college is such an accomplishment. Whitnee I am glad you haven't been sick, consider yourself lucky! :) I am sure Addie's little friend doesn't have that big of a head! Lets hope!! ;)