Wednesday, November 14, 2012

baby announcement

November 12, 2012
Yes a new baby is coming! But not for me, for my little sis and her husband Dalton! We went into my dads work to tell my dad and my mom, but my mom wasn't working so I decided to write this little note (G-baby #4 coming July 5, 2013) I sat down and told my dad not to be alarmed or mad about what I'm about to tell him. So I handed him the note. He read it for what felt like 5 minutes and said, "G-baby, you're having a boy!" haha we laughed and explained "yes you are going to be a grandpa of 4 g-babies(grand-babies) but not for me, Mykelle!" So it was a good surprise. My parents are excited, as are we!


November 4, 2012
This is Tali at church. Exactly how she is, too. She are usually chasing her all over the place. Sacrament last maybe a good 10 minutes and then she's done!

 November 8, 2012
Our sweet Tali. Tali has grown up a lot in just the past month! She is now talking up a storm and can repeat most of what she say! She is still attached to her binky and dog. She loves her sister, and is very content most of the time. She's loves being with family, and gets to giddy to see everyone. Tali is very loving too. She gets sad when someone is sad and will usually fake cry with them. She's very patient, and can sit and play with something for a while. She loves volleyball, too and gets excited to be in the volleyball gym with mom. Tali is always smiling! She loves cheesing for the camera! She is also pretty mischievous and tends to make get into things she shouldn't! Like the picture of flour below from my moms house! No one knew where she was but when she was found, it was very clear where she had been! I love how smart she is. She catches onto things VERY quickly! She is always giving hugs and kisses which we love SO much!!

Paalo...bed head

November 4, 2012
This was Paalo's hair when she woke up. She always has crazy hair when she wakes up. But it sure makes up happy. Paalo is a great big sister, and LOVES her sister Tali. She is my biggest helper and always the who I call on when I need help. She's very protective of me. So protective that she cried pretty hard when I had to see the Doctor for a check-up. She was very nervous that they were going to hurt me. She gets really say whenever I start to wrestle with my younger brothers. She does not like it one bit! We kind of laugh, but at the same time I feel bad for her. I'm grateful that I have someone to always have my back ;) Paalo's latest love is make-up. I watch a lot of make-up tutorials on youtube and lately she has been watching them with me, and now insists to only watch them by herself. She's snuck into my make-up a couple times and done her own. She even gets into my moms whenever we go to Nana's house. She had make-up on for my last home volleyball game and the trainer, Jeani, told her she liked her make-up. Paalo immediately replied 'I can put make-up on for you if you want!' Boy, have a got my work cut out for me! She still loves volleyball, and being in the gym. She loves dress-ups, and dolls. But she would pick playing and wrestling with her uncles over that! We are sure proud of Paalo and how smart she is. She can write her name, and knows her alphabet. We are working on writing more, and math! So blessed to have a beautiful daughter who teaches me to be better everyday! 


November 3, 2012
Just a few randoms of the girls. I think Paalo may have taken a few of these!


October 30-31, 2012
Halloween was a success this year. Tali was in heaven trick-or-treating, and would run up to the door and be the first one to grab, not one, but sometimes a handful of candy! Paalo was pretty shy and was content after about 2 houses and wanted to be done. We had to really force her to just keep going, which she did, but we still didn't last for too long! It was ok though! They got just enough candy to be happy! Paalo was a Princess, and was excited to get ready and put make-up on!
We did manage to squeeze in a pumpkin carving/painting night. And we were very blessed to spend time with grandma Vicki and Great Great Grandma Frei. What a blessing to have such wonderful grandparents who have taught us so much. We are so grateful for each of our Grandparents who have sacrificed so much so that we can be who we are today!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


October 26, 2012
Enjoying a bubble bath. It's always fun to take bubbles baths!

October 29, 2012
Girls shopping with mom and dad. Paalo insisted they ride in this cart and it actually turned out to be a lifesaver. They both stayed in for once, and loved each other the entire shopping trip.  It doesn't happen ever often so we took pictures to savor the moment!