Thursday, July 30, 2009


Are you like most teachers trying to find ideas for Literacy Works Stations (LWS) a.k.a 'centers'? I am so excited to say you no longer need to worry!! I am working for a company called EMPOWER and they have finally finished the K-6 LWS's! They are hot off the press and you do not want to miss out on the opportunity of having these in your classroom. The LWS's have over 200 different stations giving them hands-on interaction and MORE!! Trying to come up with center ideas is OVER, the work is already done! For more information you can visit the main web-site by cicking here or sending me a friendly message!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

6 Months

Yes, time does truly fly. Palo had her 6 months check-up yesterday and she is 19lbs 5oz and 27 inches long! She's definitely a big girl...but gosh we can't get enough of her! She gets more personality everyday, and seems to be trying new foods everyday (we feed her pretty much everything we eat!) She still loves to sit and play with her toys, be held, scream, and be around little kids! She is full of energy and always keeps me going. Here is Palo after her appointment...she had shots again so she still wasn't too happy!

Friday, July 24, 2009


GOTTA WATCH THIS!! CLICK ON THE LINK....So wish I could dance like that!! :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Reunion

Yummy toes

This is what Palo does when she gets in her chair now...maybe she wants to be a gymnist?
Baby sleeping, she just looks huge...
She LOVES her toes, like most babies, she eats them, too!
Such a smiley girl....she can sit up on her own now!!We just got back from a 3day weekend/family reunion. We went to my parents cabin with our cousins the 'Whipples'. It ended up being a lot of fun! We ate a TON of food, played cards, had a paint ball tourney, and enjoyed the cool weather. Best part of all we forgot to take pictures! I know others were taking pics but I didn't get any 0n my camera!
Palo did really good this weekend. Despite her still not sleeping very well, she loved all the attention and having so many cousins to play with her. Once the weekend was over she was very happy to be home!
Palo is also waving...thanks to her auntie kel who taught her....she has the wave down!
This is palo reaching for her toys of these days she may fall out!

Wednesday night I talked mykelle into running the Chelsi 5k run. It started at 11pm and we were definitely ready for bed before it even started. It ended up being a lot of fun! I ran it in 25 minutes and even won a prize at the end! hahaha Thank to myk for running with me (even if it was only half way lol)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Final Post :) collage warning

Now to update on our lives :) Since we do so much...not really! Palo is usually the biggest entertainment and most exciting part of our lives so we mostly talk about her. For the most part, most of our hot summer days are spent at the pool! And thank goodness Palo LOVES the water. As soon as she sets foot in the water she starts jumping away. We also got a camera so we sure love taking pictures now. There are a lot of random pics of us and the baby....
Did we metion that she loves to eat hahaha.....I know, it shows
This is misi's older brother and his family. We were saying goodbye before they moved to Hawaii! We miss them already!Palo's new favorite thing...her bouncer! She loves to bounce now which means our arms are tired and sore.

Fourth of July

We had a fun fourth this year! We headed up to the cabin Thursday night with the Yocums for dinner and then just to hang out. The following day we woke up and had breakfast, and then headed for a hike. We didn't really know that we were going to hike through thick trees and brush. Thankfully my dad knows the mountain like 'the back of his hand!' The baby came with us and ended up sleeping the whole way!
Saturday morning we did the Angels Landing hike in Zion's. It was a beautiful hike and ended up being a lot of fun. I carried the baby the entire way, except for the last 1/2 mile where you have to hold onto was Misi's first time, however, and he was pretty excited about it! Later that night we all headed to the city park and watched the fireworks. They were a lot of fun this year! By the end of the night we were all exhausted and poor Palo had had enough. She was such a trooper all weekend though. Couldn't ask for a better baby.


So, the weekend before Father's Day (sorry to mix up the posts) we headed up to Idaho on a 7 1/2 hour journey to Rexburg to watch Misi play. It was a long ride but we endured it...thankfully Misi and his team had such a fun game that it made the whole trip worth it. Except for the ride home...we ended up driving through the night and didn't get home until 8 in the morning. That was awful and I'll never do that again.
This is how we got Palo to Idaho, it took all the toys I had!!

Father's Day

Wow, I love playing I'll start with Father's Day! We had a pretty good fathers day this year, and since in was Misi's first one it's definitely blog worthy! We got to spend a fun sunday afternoon at uncle Dennis's home with the Frei family. It was a lot of fun and the food was GREAT!! Can't beat steak and shrimp. It was neat to spend time with all the fathers that are involved in my life...great grandpa frei, my dad, and misi. I can't even begin to thank them enough for all they have done for me. Here are some groovey pics of the event!