Friday, September 14, 2012

life as a mother

September 2, 2012
This is usually what happens when you feed your kids. It ends up on the floor and they roll/play in it. It's the little things that keep us happy!


 September 7, 2012
Found Tali asleep like this the other day...amazing how kids can sleep!
 September 12, 2012
Girls enjoying a movie....their favorite thing to do.
 This girl loves to smile for the camera!

 Paalo doing what she does best...posing, and playing volleyball. 
 September 13, 2012
These 2 were waiting for mom to come out of the locker room after our volleyball game....the floor seemed to be the best place to relax and wait!

crazy time

August 30, 2012
We really do love taking pictures around here. Misi loves watching his girls and getting in on the action too. I had to post all of these pictures, mostly because of Paalo. She does something new in every picture. She loves to do the 'shaka' and kind of does it. She usually spends a couple minutes staring at her hands seeing if it's right. These pictures also show you just how crazy she can be!

love our girls

August 25, 2012
Enjoying an evening playing with the girls. They had gone into Paalo's room for a little bit and Paalo walked out with her shoes and purse on. She never fails to humor us!


August 8, 2012
Tali loves the water. Every time she hears the tub or shower turn on, she screams. Tali was already in her pajama's and bathed for the night...I had turned on the shower to warm it up to shower, I turned around only to find Tali had already jumped in!


August 6-7, 2012

Paalo the little Diva! Paalo LOVES hugging Tali and taking care of her...but Tali usually can only stand one hug and then she's done...paalo still hugs her though and picks her up which usually results in  Tali screaming. 
the scream...

cabin trip

August 3-4, 2012
We enjoyed some family time at the cabin this weekend. The girls LOVE going to the cabin. It's nice to just let them run free and enjoy the family. Saturday we went to Aunt Joleen's for the Webster Family Renion. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone!

Growing up

I hate that they have to grow up. I know I'm not alone with I say I wish they could stay little forever. We definitely have our days of crying, screaming, kicking, more crying, yelling, etc. but really do cherish the good moments (which are more often then the bad) that I have with my kids and hope to hold onto those memories forever. Right now Tali is just turning 15 months old and Paalo is a little older than 3 1/2. These two run my life. They are my life! Here's a little up-date on what's new with these two girls!
She's still my BIG helper. She likes to help a little too much, like carrying Tali around even when she doesn't want to be held. But she is always SO willing to run grab a diaper and wipes when I need them, or getting Tali her binkie and dog for nap time, she will even feed Tali or help change her diaper if I need her to. She loves helping with Tali. And I love having her as my helper too! Paalo LOVES to dance and sing. Lately she can sing every song on the radio...which if she doesn't know the words (most of the time) she sings whatever it is she hears--and isn't afraid to belt it out! We've had some good laughs listening to her sing and make up her own words. She has no clue, and even better could care less if we laugh! She's very into dancing right now. She has been wanting to learn the hula and has picked up quite a few moves from her dad, family, and a few youtube videos. She isn't afraid to dance for people and can pick up on things VERY quickly.
She has an amazing memory. She will remember the smallest detail, and even people's names or things she did from months before. It amazes me how smart she is. Her latest kick has been questioning everything. Mom, why do we have bones? Why do we have skin? Why do we have a heart? What's inside of our head? Why do we have nails? These are only a few of the questions I can remember. She pays very close attention to detail, when I think she's not! I love it though. She has a very big heart. She lets me and Misi and Tali know that she loves us all the time. She is very concerned for people with/if they are hurt. She loves her family SO much. She will tell me all the time, 'Mom, I just love Kameron (or whatever family member it is for the day, everyone has been mentioned :)) SO much! Don't tell him I love him though!'
She loves to play with her friends, and get sad when she doesn't have anyone to play with. 'But mom no one will play with me!
We just loves Paalo so much, and even though she can be crazy mean and throw some big tantrums, we love her all the same!
Tali is our sweet girl. She is very content and calm...until her big sister comes around then she is usually screaming or crying OR she is laughing and hugging her sister. She loves to eat, especially fruit.  She loves ALL types of fruit. She is finally starting to talk. She can say 'Ga Go' (let's go), she can say Paalo now too. She can mimic a lot of the sounds we make as well, so it's great improvement and so cute to listen to. She is attached to her dog. And not just the dog but the dogs tail. She with carry it around by the tail everywhere she goes. She loves to tickle her face and hands with his tail. Pretty cute. Tali also has a little fire to her. She usually only gets really angry when she's very tired, hungry, or when Paalo takes something from her or is bugging her. Other than that she is pretty good about keeping herself entertained. She too is very sensitive and loving. She loves to give hugs and will say 'oooohhhh' every time she gives one. She loves her daddy and screams excitedly when he comes home everyday. She loves the water. She could sit in the shower/tub all day and play if she could. She likes getting in my drawers and pulling everything out. She likes to eat toothpaste, and anything paper.  She also loves to dance and sing. Whenever we are dancing, she will dance. When we are singing, she will try and sing. She loves following Paalo (or chase) around the house. She has three teeth coming in which makes a total of 10 teeth! Tali is very lovable and lets us kiss and love on her whenever we want. We love our Tali SO much!


August 20. 2012
Tali loves to eat. All the time. She is such a messy eater though. She likes to touch and play in her food, and then when she's done she will occasionally throw it. 

 August 22, 2012
One wild, crazy, happy girl!