Sunday, August 24, 2008

4th of July

I guess I can start with the 4th, since that's what I have pictures of. We woke up around 1o and went to the George Bush Library just because it was free admition that day. It was really neat. There was SO much history we couldn't get enough. They even had a huge chunk of the Berlin wall which I thought was pretty cool. We took a couple pictures of the wall while we were there. They had some amazing replicas of the White House which was also pretty incredible. Afterward we went to a park in Bryan and BBQ'd with the Vakalahi's and Tufuga family. We were there all day, just sitting around, eating and sometimes getting up to throw a football around. It was a ton of fun and we were thrilled to get out and enjoy the Texas sun. After a long day at the park, we headed over to the Bright Football Complex to watch the 'amazing' firework show of College Station. It was alright. The entire time Prince and I swore that Utah fireworks were way better. What do we know? Here are a few of the pictures we took!

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