Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sweet Girl

Here are some fun pics of Palo... She is one busy little bee!! Her hair is finally long enough we've been doing pig tales...isn't she a cutie??
Loves the stairs! She has learned how to come down backwards on her own, too...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

cold days

With the days being cold I haven't felt like doing a whole lot! We mostly sit inside watching movies, trying to stay warm! I'm looking forward to next week for the 70 degree weather!! Our smarty pants Palo has done an amazing job of keeping me entertained. I am amazed at her age! She is SOO smart and is catching onto things very quickly. She has started singing to herself, signing for things aLL the time, running through the house, saying her name and thank you and a few other words, shaking her booty when dancing, and pretty much just being cute ALL the time...and I have to mention her sleeping at night has done a 360!! She has started sleeping MUCH better at night, whew, it's about time! Misi's birthday is also coming up in a couple weeks...I'm looking for some fun birthday ideas if anyone has any...I wanna do something good for him for once haha :)
I also want to shout out to my cousin Kalee. She plays basketball for U of U and is one amazing player! She has definitely made an impression on lady's basketball and will go down as a legend. We were privileged to watch her play last weekend and couldn't be any more proud of her!
Best cheering section haha
Kalee with her warm-ups before her game

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's March!!

At the gym watching mom play volleyball
Palo being herself
Loves bath time!

After a good nap!
Spring is almost here! Yahoo for being able to play outside! Palo LOVES being outside so we shouldn't have any complaints about being in the sun. Our little sissy is growing up and is still a sassy/smart girl. A few new traits:
-She can say her name
-She says thank you all the time
-Her favorite sign is please, she gets just about anything by signing hard to resist!
-She loves dolls and stuffed animals and gets a really high voice when she see's their little mommy
-She's the boss around our house now
-Still a good eater, but hasn't slept through the night yet!
-She loves wrestling her uncles
-Throws a ball..and will spike at a volleyball hehe
-Still loves music and will dance on cue
-Is slowly moving to a size 5 diaper!
-Will get a big smile and cheese for the camera
-She is wrapped around her parents finger and we can't get enough!!