Sunday, August 22, 2010


This year we headed to Waimea, Hawaii for the Tupe Family Reunion! 
(August 3)
We left for Vegas around 10:30pm to catch a red-eye flight at 2:45am. My sister and I flew together, and Misi and his two brothers didn't leave until 10 that morning. After having overweight bags, and a million carry-on bags, we made it to our gate, exhausted yet excited. Palo was given some benadryl and LOVED the airplane. When we left vegas so just starred out the windows watching the pretty lights of Las Vegas. As soon as the lights were gone and we were in the air, she layed down on my lap and fell asleep...the entire way!! 

We arrived in Kona around 8am Hawaii time. Misi's brother Prince picked us up. We stopped by our cousins from Boston's rental home, then went and checked into a local Motel to get some rest. Misi arrived around 5pm, and soon after we headed to Uncle Tiva's house to meet everyone and have dinner! We crashed early. Mykelle and I figured we'd hadn't slept in over 24 hours and couldn't make it any longer.

(August 4)
We got up early, checked out of our hotel, moved our bags to Uncle Tiva's house, ate breakfast and finally got on the road around noon to tour the island. We stopped in Waipeo Valley, where they have the black sand beach, and took a few pictures at the gorgeous scenery. Not long after we made our way to Hilo to go see the volcanos. About 20 minuted away from the volcanos, Palo started to get ansty in the car and decided to cry. She cried for a while, until we finally noticed she had peed out her diaper, soacked herself and the seat. We made a quick pit stop, cleaned her up and grabbed a bite from McDonald's to help calm her down. The Volcano's were fun to look at. It's amazing how they work. We then headed back towards home, stopped at Cafe 100 for dinner, and didn't get home until about 8 o'clock. Palo had fallen asleep around 7:30 and slept until 5:30 the next morning.

(August 5)
We didn't make it to the beach until about 1pm. We swam, boogy boarded, cliff jumped, ate lots of food, tood family pictures (which ended up being quite fun after a day at the beach), and then had a very neat ceremony. At the ceremony we all threw flowers into the ocean, reminding us of our loved ones who had passed on.

(August 6)
Another Beach Day! We got to the beach around 8am, and didn't leave until have 6pm! It was a blast. We had team games/relays, played volleyball, swam, BBQ'd, and soaked up a lot of sun! Thank goodness for sunscreen. Palo did pretty darn good, too. She loved playing in the sand and water, but had definitely had enough after a couple hours. Poor thing was so exhausted! Later on, we ended up getting together for family games like Minute-to-win-it, and the Wii!!

(August 7)
Enjoyed a free day at Uncle Tiva's house. Mykelle and I ended up helping perpare the food for the family Luau which was held later that evening. Our favorite part, de-scalling and gutting the fish! The Luau was a blast, and reminds you just how fun the Tupe's are! Palo slept durning most of the Luau, but had fun dancing when she was awake.
Dance at the Luau!
(August 8)
We made it to sacrament...and then decided we were in Hawaii only one more day, and headed back to the beach. We had fun hanging out with the family later on, and were sad to say good bye.


I was hoping to have out trip to Hawaii already posted by now. But since we've been home, our computer caught a virus and we have yet to fix it. Along with that, Misi jumped right into football season so we have been fairly busy...and not to mention, our car, has engine problems AGAIN and will be needing a new home very soon or else I may have to drive it off a cliff! It's amazing how trials are what get you to start thinking about how blessed you really are. We've been dealing with car problems for a long time now, and honestly it hasn't been easy for me to stay positive about. However, good things always happen. I'm going to do my best this time to stay positive and know everything will work out and our car will be sold in no time!
I will also get our Hawaii trip up asap, and a little post about our baby who just turned 19 Months today! Wahoo

Sunday, August 1, 2010

'I want dis'

(July 27)
Palo likes to do whatever mom and dad are doing. It amazes me how observant kids are. Just the other day she was trying to open a bottle, and she grabbed her shirt, put it around the lid and tried opening it using her shirt. Cracked me up. I didn't know she really paid attention to this sort of stuff! Usually when she wants to do something, or wear something she'll bring it to us and say 'I want dis, I want dis'. Here are a few of her latest...trying on dad's socks! She's also really into shoes, but I haven't taken a picture of that yet. 

(August 1)
Here she is playing the X-box. She did this all by herself. Not sure how I feel about this one, but she looked pretty stinkin' cute!


(July 22)
Palo had her first major burn this month. We were at my moms hanging out while my sister did my nieces hair.  We had set the straightener down once we were finished and Palo quickly reached for it, burning only her thumb. She cried for a good 4 hours. We had to keep her hand in a cup of ice to make it feel better. I felt so bad because there was nothing I could do. Thankfully by that night, the pain started to go away and she slept good the whole night!
She still manages to keep a smile, despite being hurt! Love this girl.