Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This past weekend, Misi and I almost experienced a tragedy. I'm almost too embarrassed to admit that we did it, but a good lesson was learned. While I was at work, working-and yet not, I came accross an add for a car. They were only asking for $5000 for a 2005 Camry. I got pretty excited because we are trying to find a new car and I thought that it was it! We began e-mailing this so called 'car owner' to figure out more information. He gave himself a profile, said how we should deliver the money, the car would be shipped and we'd be on our way! To our dismay, we paid the money, and things started getting weird. I called my mom and dad and let them know what was up and had them start the invesitgation. After much discomfort and intense searching, we found out that we were indeed being scammed. Thankfully, we got our money out just in time, and have never felt so blessed and relieved in our entire lives. It's quite funny, and now we joke about finding this guy and letting him have it where it hurts, however, we learned a valuable lesson: Never trust anyone on the Internet. Thank you mom and dad for helping us out, and dad, if you really wanna get this guy, we're right behind ya!


Well, Im pretty excited that the first summer session just ended but the bad news is that the secon session just started today. I am taking POLS 207 and AG SALES 315 its pretty much the last two classes before graduating so I'm pretty happy for it to be over. Yesterdays family home evening was pretty fun, we all went to the movies then to the gym to play volleyball. It was funny cause right when we showed up to play volleyball everyone just left, we had no clue why everyone left. Maybe cause sini, whitnee, and prince hit the ball to hard dont know!! Tonight should be another fun night because we are playing volleyball again.