Friday, August 29, 2008


It is officially football season, and we are pretty excited. I definitely love the atmosphere of a football game. The Aggies here in Aggieland have their first football game tomorrow...and we are excited to watch them play. Ican't forget to mention back home, BYU is playing as well...we will be rooting for both teams. Hopefully we will have some good new about Misi and his football career. We have waited for quite a while but know that is is for a good reason, and will only bless our lives. Good luck to Mykelle this weekend as she plays in her tournament. We look forward to hearing how things went.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun at Lake Bryan
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Lake Bryan

Last Saturday Misi and I went with on of my co-workers (Ben) and his girl-friend to Lake Bryan, which we found out was about 6 miles from where we live. They brought their boat along with some fun water toys (wakeboard, tube, skies). We had a blast. I even wakeboarded, which I was completely safe. Don't worry mom, I didn't crash or use my stomach muscles. It was a very needed day for both of us, we need some stress relief. Misi skied and tubed. It was somewhat hard to pull him up on the wakeboard with a weak boat! haha, no offense to Misi though. I got sunburned on my back which is typical. Thanks to my dad for the white skin.

Same Old Same Old

So far for the month of August, not much has changed. Misi ended up not passing one of his classes and was unable to graduate. We weren't very happy with the Professor, he was very rude and unwilling to help him out. So, I've been working and misi has been working on getting into his online class and finish getting ready for football.
Baby Update
Everything has continued to look really good. I went in on the 19th and we were able to hear the heart beat. Makes it seem even more real when you hear that. I have just started to get some sort of pooch. It's the kind where you look like you've had too many french fries, rather than looking pregnant. My time will come, I know. We should find out in September what we are having. We are excited to see what the gender will be, and need to start thinking of some names!

Happy Birthday to Whitnee

It was finally my 21st Birthday on July 20th. It was a great day...sure didn't feel like a different day, but I enjoyed it. Misi got me some surprise birthday presents, even though he knows I don't like him getting me things. He took care of me and made sure I had a good day. He even woke up early that morning (Sunday morning) and made me a good breakfast. Later that day Misi's mom made a dinner, and we had cake and ice cream!

4th of July

I guess I can start with the 4th, since that's what I have pictures of. We woke up around 1o and went to the George Bush Library just because it was free admition that day. It was really neat. There was SO much history we couldn't get enough. They even had a huge chunk of the Berlin wall which I thought was pretty cool. We took a couple pictures of the wall while we were there. They had some amazing replicas of the White House which was also pretty incredible. Afterward we went to a park in Bryan and BBQ'd with the Vakalahi's and Tufuga family. We were there all day, just sitting around, eating and sometimes getting up to throw a football around. It was a ton of fun and we were thrilled to get out and enjoy the Texas sun. After a long day at the park, we headed over to the Bright Football Complex to watch the 'amazing' firework show of College Station. It was alright. The entire time Prince and I swore that Utah fireworks were way better. What do we know? Here are a few of the pictures we took!

Monday, August 4, 2008


I'm sorry that it has been such a long time since we have posted on the blog. Most of you don't know, but we don't have the Internet where we live. It's very hard not having the Internet but we are getting by. I'm just going to do a quick update of what we did this weekend, and then hopefully next time I get to a computer I will bring my camera and post all of the events that went on for the month of July.
This last weekend we moved out of the rental house, and into an apartment. We moved about fifteen minutes away from where we were; from College Station to Bryan, both still in Texas for those who may be wondering. We really wore ourselves out on the move, too. With the temp. in the hundreds, and 80% humidity, it was extremely hot and uncomfortable. We got it all done, and that's what really counts.
Misi graduates this weekend. He has finals and Wednesday and Thursday, so we sure hope he does well and passes the classes. We will wait and here back from the agent this weekend about football updates. The agent has been working hard, and is going to try and get him on a practice team, so there is still hope!
As for myself, I am still working for the Chiropractor. I still feel great, haven't been sick or had any major problems with the pregnancy. I still forget that I am even pregnate, but I'm sure that is bound to change when I start to grow. The last ultrasound we went to went really well. The doctor said the baby was looking good, and healthy. I do have to say that I got kind of nervous when the doctor started to point out what parts of the body were what. He showed me where the head was, and I thought it looked a little bit big for my liking. So, that is definitely a Misi trait!
I will try really hard to get some pictures on here. Sorry that it has taken so much time!