Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Here are a few random pictures of the baby...she is growing up so fast, we just can't believe it! Here are a few facts:
-Pulls herself up on the furniture, and walks along it
-Crawls all over
-LOVES little kids
-Likes my moms cat, but scared of the dogs
-HATES any vacuum
-Throws little tantrums when she gets mad...tightens up her body and fists (so funny)
-Has TWO teeth
-Loves to talk...and say dadda
-She likes tooth brushes, medicine vile's, nose suckers, tampons, and a wire whisk..anything unusual I guess.
-She loves tipping over baskets/buckets and pulling everything out!
Palo really is just one busy girl. She does something new everyday, we just can't get enough of her!

She's crawling!

She loves to give kisses!
Food, food, food...she wanted to try eating the pizza on her own...

Already loves a volleyball :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh how I love....

my teething baby! We officially have a tooth on it's way! (and I do believe there is one right next to it, it just hasn't come to the surface yet.) Palo has been a pretty good baby, most of the time. She's a little more fussy and does not want me to leave her sight. I have become quit exhausted these past few weeks! But she still couldn't make us happier! Two days ago, she started talking A LOT more. She now says baba, and dada...and some other jibber. But we do get her to say dada quite a bit! She is pulling/standing up on EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. She will start to crawl and after about a half a foot she will collapse and the just push backwards while on her belly. Not too far away and she will just take off!
Life has been treating us well lately! We have had quite a few ups and downs, but I couldn't be more grateful to have family close by and to be reminded daily to keep on similing!
I have more pics of Palo but can't find my camera..I'll put them up as soon as it is found!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

7 months

Typical Palo face

Hair piece to cover the sun
Palo is really already about 7 1/2 months old but wow, how she has grown! She is into EVERYTHING! She is already pulling herself up, feeds herself most foods, is VERY close to crawling...she'll be on all fours and try to move forward but then just collapses. Palo is quite the talker, too. She says yum yum whenever she eats, and its starting to BLA BLA more often. There really isn't a moment when she just sits and relaxes...she's always gotta be doing something! We sure love her though. She goes anywhere and everywhere we go, which means she is dragged around quite a bit but she seems to love it! She still is having a VERY hard time sleeping at night. I've tried just about everything. I guess it's in the genetics. Soon enough I'm sure she'll get it all figured out!