Friday, March 27, 2009

Palo update

These are just a few pics we took of Palo during Spring Break! :)
We had an appointment on Monday and she weighed 12lbs 7 0z and was 23.5 in long! She is getting so big but we love her and we are having so much fun with her!
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting SO Big

Palo is getting SO big on us; it's going too fast! She was 9lb 12oz at her one month appointment and still healthy as can be! She is starting so smile at us, as well as, talking but we haven't quite got her to laugh! Either way we love her to death and enjoy every second with her. The pictures at the top are some we've taken this month. Uncle Wesley babysat Palo so I could go play basketball one night so I had to take a pic of that event. The bottom right corner is one with Misi and was very cute and they defintely look like eachother. There is one with Palo in the laundry dad was holding her and we all went up stairs for a couple minutes. When we came back down that's how we found the baby. My dad said it looked comfortable so he layed her in there! Too funny! Other than the baby we haven't been up to too much. Misi is still working and I've been able to stay at home everyday. I do get to go to my Grandma Virginia's once a week and spend time with her and my aunts. It's been so much fun getting to know them more! We are heading to California next weekend with my family for our spring break vacation. I wish I had some good stories, too. I will get better at posting more of our funny moments and make our blog more interesting to read!
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Baby Blessing

We were so lucky to be able to bless Palo on March 1, 2009! What an incredible day we had. Misi did such an amazing job-I know that Palo is very lucky to have him for a dad! It was such a neat spirit to have blessed her-and what support we had! Misi had his family from California, Ogden, Hawaii, and Texas come to the blessing. It was so fun to meet his family from California for the first time and we were lucky to have their support! It's always a blast when Misi and his brothers get together...there is always so much laughter! I had most of my family there as well. Ginger and Murray came into town which was fun, and my grandparents that live here all supported us!! We feel so blessed to have such a supportive family and grateful to everyone who supported us.