Monday, July 16, 2012


June 15, 2012
Sunday after church we headed out to my mom's for the usual Sunday dinner. Not long after we ate and cleaned up it started to rain.  It was a steady rain at first but then it really started to come down! We all went outside and watched, loving every second of it. We wandered back inside and Mykelle and I started to make Carmel Popcorn. We were looking out the windows when all of a sudden I noticed it had started to hail. So I started yelling "It's hailing! Everyone run outside!" My brothers are hilarious and start running all over the house, grabbing buckets and pans, and were outside within seconds catching the hail. Kallan at one point came running outside with a football helmet and a stick and was swinging at the ice. Hilarious. We should be red-necks. Not long after this major down-pout were the streets flooded with water. It was crazy to see the force of water running down the streets. Don't worry, my brothers were in their bathing suits and floaties ready to swim down the streets. It was pretty awesome. It doesn't rain here much, so when it does we have to enjoy every second of it! Paalo was so happy and loved the rain. She kept telling us how happy she was. It was fun to see her running and playing and having fun!

 This is Britton

 Down by the farm....

By Entrada....

On our way home from moms the girls knocked out....too much fun playing in the rain!

After we got home later that night we did Family Night. Paalo was singing her song, and Tali thought she had to be right next to her.

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