Monday, July 16, 2012


June 28, 2012
Paalo is 3 1/2 now, and so full of life. She is now very independent and enjoys doing just about everything on her getting herself dressed. She came out  looking like this; everything backwards. I love days like this. Paalo has grown so much it amazes me. She is my little shadow. I have to admit she is a mini-me. Scares me to death. She has a bit of a temper but is very kind. She says things to people that I say to her and Tali...not always good! She is Tali's second mom. Always there to help me out when I need her, helping with Tali on a daily basis and enjoying it. She likes to pick Tali up and carry her around. Paalo even lets Tali sit and smack her (we are trying to teach Tali not to hit) but Paalo always says, 'It's ok mom she can hit me.' 
Paalo LOVES to sing. She can sing just about any song and she isn't afraid to belt it out. 
We have loved having summer here and days at the swimming pool. Paalo was born to swim.
Paalo also loves to dance. She is finally at the age where she picks up certain movement. She is really into doing the hula right now!
Paalo is very protective of ME. She doesn't like it when people get mad at me. Or if I start to wrestle with my brothers she gets really nervous and usually starts yelling and hitting whoever it is I am playing with. Yep, she's got my back all the time. 
Paalo has a lot of sass to her and has her moments where you wanna scream but she is truly a gem in our home. She is so full of light and always reminding us how we need to pray or read our scriptures; wanting us to be better people. I am so grateful everyday that she is our daughter!

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