Saturday, February 4, 2012


Here are pictures of our cute little bug eating. She's a BIG eater, and loves everything! She's starting to twist and turn, and shake back and forth while in her bumbo...which means she may not be in it for too much longer! Tali can sit up, and is now starting to crawl!! She gets on all fours, and will make small baby steps, but she's doing it! I can already tell that she will be into EVERYTHING! She always has to have what her sister has. The other day I was holding Tali on my lap, and Paalo was sittin next to me. Paalo grabbed my phone to call her dad and Tali JUMPED out of my hands and scrambled to get the phone away from her sister!
Paalo and Tali absolutely love each other. Tali gets SO excited when ever Paalo comes around, and Paalo loves playing with Tali and making her laugh!

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