Friday, February 24, 2012

Paalo's words...

February 24, 2012
Paalo woke up today, came up to me and was laughing (I'm pretty sure that she had a dream!) and started to tell me "I was fighting Kameron, and his eye just dropped off! It was funny. It was red and just fell on the counter like 'whoosh!'" Guess it didn't help that we let her watch Power Rangers this week that she ened up dreaming something like this!

Talking about it being cold outside:
Me: "Paalo, you needed to shut the door because baby sister doesn't feel good."
Paalo: "Yes her do's!"

December 21, 2011
While eating lunch with Paalo...
Me: Man, I can't believe it's almost Christmas!
Paalo: Sweetie, it is Christmas!

January (beginning) Paalo wanted me to turn on a Barney Show really bad and growing impatient:
Paalo: "Please!"
Me: "oh, I like that word!
Paalo: "Please! I'm gonna rip you off!"

January 16, 2012
We were on our way to Dalton's basketball game and Paalo was asking where the Christmas tree went.
Paalo: "Where's the Christmas tree?"
Me: "We put it away because Christmas is over."
Paalo: "Oh my heck! Are you serious?....Oh my goodness, why did you do that?"

January 17, 2012
Paalo had just got up from a nap, and she is usually really happy, or really she was grumpy.  The first thing she said to me when she saw me was "Stop fighting me!" *pause* I'm gonna kill your dad!"  Oh dear, am I raising a violent child? Paalo really didn't mean what she said, and for the record, I don't think she understood exactly what she said either!

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