Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paalo's 3rd Birthday!!!

The morning of Paalo's birthday!! Daddy surprised her with a few treats and I cooked her breakfast. She didn't want to wake up at first...but once she saw her table, she was happy!

 Later that night we all got ready and went to Dalton's basketball game! She was VERY happy to go and was full of smiles!

January 22, 2012
The next day, right after church, we headed over to Nanna and Pappa's to have dinner and cake and ice cream. It was a Princess Party, so everyone did a good job wearing their crowns! Paalo had a little melt down when her favorite person, Kimball, showed up and surprised her. She was a little nervous from seeing him and cried for a while...when it was time to do presents and cake and ice cream, she was back to normal!

 Tali happy to party!

 Auntie Kel and uncle Dalton got her 6 gold fish! She was pretty speechless at first, but loves her fish!

It was Justin's birthday too so we got to have 2 cakes and celebrate with him!

Paalo what a wonderful birthday you had! You didn't care about presents or anything big...all you wanted was cake and to be with your family! Words can't explain how much we love you Paalo! You are always lighting up the room with your smile. You are the peacemaker in our home and always there to help or show us love when we need it.  You are so kind and compassionate towards others and a kind friend.  We love to hear you sing, watch you play, watch you dance, hold your baby sister, give hugs and kisses to us, and we want you to know that we love and cherish you so much!! 
Love Mom & Dad

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