Monday, October 4, 2010

Conference weekend.

We had a low key weekend, thanks to Misi being in Canada coaching football, and me not feeling too productive. I did clean out my garage, so I felt pretty good about things. Palo and I went to my parents to watch the Sunday session of Conference. As always, it was extremely uplifting and makes me want to be the best person I can be.
It was a little difficult keeping Palo entertained, but thanks to her uncles she kept busy. We were cracking up at Kallan. He pretty much took over Palo for me. They ended up wandering into my mom's bathroom where Palo got in the bath, clothes and diaper still on, cracking up as Kallan threw toys into the tub. After the bath, uncle Kallan did her hair. Funny.
Palo is also fascinated with my mom's kitty. She picks him up and drags him all over the house. Poor thing takes it pretty well. If we take the kitty away she immediately wraps her arms and says 'hold dis'. At one point Palo had wandered off with the kitty, I didn't think anything of it until she started screaming/crying. We ran into my moms room and found she had thrown the kitty into the un-drained bath water, and was upset because it was crying and couldn't get out of the tub.  Good thing cats can swim, right? Love this life!
 Palo playing in the tub. Only had my camera phone with me again...
Uncle kallan doing Palo's hair.

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