Thursday, October 21, 2010

21 Months

Palo turned 21 months today! She is SO big now, and we couldn't be more in love with her!
-Palo is talking A LOT!! She will repeat anything and everything we say. She's getting better at speaking in sentences.
-Many times throughout the day she asks me where her daddy is. And Pappa and Nana.
-She absolutely loves animals...cows, horses, kitty's, dog's, and rooster's are some of her favorites.
-She slept through the night last night...a HUGE step for her.
-Still loves balls. I am always asked to 'catch' and 'throw' the ball with her.
-Loves music. Dances as soon as she hear's it.
-Loves playing with the neighbor kid's.
-Has 14 teeth and 2 more on the way.
-Weighs over 30lbs...low thirty's is our guess.
-She still wears big panties throughout the day. She will tell me when she has to go 'poddy' and will run and get on the toilet. We are still amazed at how well she is doing. It won't be long and she'll be completely potty trained!
-Loves waving to people. When she play's outside, she will always wave and say hi to cars that drive by or kids riding on their bikes. 
-Loves babies. Always wants to pick them up and hold them.
We honestly can't get enough of our Palo! She is so precious to us. We can't believe how fast she is growing up, how smart she is, and how well she is learning! 


Aimee Fuller said...

She's a doll and I'm SO INCREDIBLY JEALOUS that she's basically potty trained. Palo please come tell Kaylee how fun big girl panties are.

The Motts said...

Whit she is so cute, and she is getting so big! looks like you guys are enjoying life!!