Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Few Randoms

{May 11} Misi and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. Wow. Amazing is all I can say! I've known Misi for five years now, and couldn't be more happy to be married to my best friend. He has been so good to put up with me and always reassure me that he loves me. He's and incredible father who hardly complains!! Love you tons!
One of Palo's favorite things! Trying on mom and dad's clothes! These are Misi's shorts, she loved them, and left them on all morning!
Wesley graduated last weekend. Good job! It was fun to see how hard he worked, and show him our love and support.
Palo, doing what she does best! EATING! Honestly, lately all she does is EAT! She is constantly signing to me that she wants to eat, and will run straight to the pantry and wait for me to open it so she can pick what 'snack' she wants. Her eating habits have got to be from her Samoan side :)
One happy girl..especially when she's with her auntie Mykelle. She loves Mykelle. Palo always gets very giddy and excited when she see's her aunt. This picture sums it up.
We really haven't been doing a whole lot lately. With the weather always changing, I find we end up just staying at home, trying to stay busy. Palo has kept me busy, and I love it! We've had a tough week trying to get Palo to sleep better, so I'm pretty worn out, which is really why we haven't left the house lately. Misi is busy at work, and still playing football here and there. Nothing too exciting, yet. I'm hoping I can get all my spring cleaning done and get my house in order. We are excited for summer and anxious for many days at the pool!!
Palo's latest: -walking on her tippy toes
-doing push-ups
-Trying to jump off the ground. So cute.
-Trying SO hard to talk. It's pretty funny to watch her just sit there and mumble away.
-Loving her animals and dolls. She will always hold them, bat there backs, and ooo and ahhh at how cute they are.
Here is my happy/belated mother's day to my mom and Grandmas! I love you all very much! Thank you for being there, and for your examples!

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Mykelle said...

those pictures of my make me want to cry... hahahahaha nasty.