Saturday, May 1, 2010

15 Months

(April 21)
Palo turned 15 months!! Wow, can't believe we are here already. It seems like yesterday that we just had Palo and were taking her home. It's been a long, fun, valuable learning process through the months. I've learned to love Palo SO much, and have cherished every moment and memory with her!! 31 inches tall, weighed 20lbs.
-Palo is SMART! She catches onto things very quickly.
-She loves Barney. We watch it at least 4 times a day. She will do the actions to all of the songs.
-Still a dancer. Will dance for anyone anywhere.
-She says her name, how old she is, Ice, hot, owie, shoe, thank you, no no no (with finger emphasis)
-Loves to play ring around the rosie's.
-Tries to put on her shoes, and wears mommy's shoes around the house.
-Wants to be outside all the time.
-Still doesn't like dogs.
-LOVES to smile. Palo is really one happy baby. She's very active, all the time. She climbs all over the furniture, up and down the stairs, and is always making us smile!
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a mom. I learn new things every day!

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