Monday, May 24, 2010

16 Months

Crazy how a lot can change in a Month! Palo is growing up so fast I can't stand it!! Here are her latest...
-Say's NO NO NO for just about everything, and has now added, 'No, Don't'!
-Has LOVED the pool, we can't get her out! Even when it's freezing.
-Still not a good sleeper, we've been working really hard on this.
-Will copy just about anything we do. The other day she took my dish towel off the stove, and put it over her shoulder. Didn't realize she watched me do this numerous times!
-Still loves makeup, we've had a couple messy disasters, but she loves it.
-Loves ring around the rosie.
-Loves to read books.
-The always say 'ow' when she gets an owie...sometimes she'll just walk up to us and say 'ow' when nothing happened!
-She eats very well with a fork/spoon.

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