Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jadon's Finger

Because my mom is on a cruise and has no way of communication but an hour on the internet every night, I thought I would do the honors of what is going on back home. Yesterday I called Jadon just to check on how everyone was doing and see if the kids were ok. He said that everything was going good but he had just cut the tip of his finger off in his culinary arts class while cutting a potato. It wasn't the nail part but the soft tissue right underneath it. He met grandma Vicki at the Instacare and they just wrapped it up and tried to stop the bleeding since it was an open wound. It looks like it was very painful but he's been doing well he said.
The other 3 younger kids are doing fine as well. Grandma Vicki said that she went to Brittons Veterans play at the school. Kameron was supposed to go to the play but he didn't want to miss his football practice haha. Kallan I think is just fine, going to school. So, there you go mom...a minor update of what's going on while you aren't there.

Here are some pictures...they are kinda graphic so if they are too rough for some I'm very sorry. My mom is all about pictures.

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Lainee said...

Holy Cow! Those pictures are kind of gross. When your mom isn't here I miss all the news!

Jadon, I hope your finger feels better soon.