Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Tryout

I have to say that my wifes belly is getting bigger and her attitude is pretty "BOSSY" HAHAHAHA I'm just kidding I really love her. I have been preparing myself the last couple of weeks for the arena football tryouts and it has been really tough. Thursday morning I left for SLC to tryout for the Utah Blaze. I arrived in SLC around 8 o'clock and the tryout was Friday morning at 8, so I had to get home to get some rest. I woke up around 6:45 Friday morning, ate breakfast, and drove to University of Utah Indoor Facility where the Utah Blaze held their tryouts. There were a lot of athletes that showed up from different colleges; Penn State, Nebraska, U of U, Vanderbilt, Weber State, and many others. We started at 9am with a warm-up and then the coaching staff divided us into 3 groups. The group I was in started with the 40 yard dash, shuttle, then the broad jump. Afterward, we had position drills which I felt went really well. Then we went on to one-on-one with the offensive linemens and fullbacks. It was funny because there were some big guys trying out. After one-on-ones we went on to full team which was intense because everyone was trying to impress the coaches. After teams they called everyone together and told us they would let us know how everything went in a couple of days. Before I left I went and talked to the Defensive Coordinator to introduce myself. He asked me how much I weighed, who my agent was, and told me he was impressed with my time on the 40. He also so said that he would contact my agent for me. Overall, everything went well. It felt good to be back on the field and I look forward to hear about the results. I felt very grateful for the opportunity to tryout and blessed to have this type of experience.


D and Mai said...

oh i hope you make it!! and get use to the bossy attitude it only gets worse!!

Carsen and Lesina said...

oh Misi GOOD LUCK!!! I hope you make it as well.

Darice said...

Misi.. good luck. hope you make the team. It would be great to have you guys back in Utah. Whit.. I am tagging you.. I really am a true blogger now because someone finally tagged me. ha ha. Anyway.. go to my blog to check out what to do. It is an easy one and fun too. Good job on being bossy.. Keep it up. They gotta learn somehow. Love ya :)

Lainee said...

Good Luck Misi! That would be cool if you got to play in Utah!

Troy and Segi Worthen said...

Good luck Misi!!!

Denise said...

I love that you post, too. It is so fun to hear from you, too! As far as the "bossy" stuff goes: 1. We maybe hinted at that before you were married, but we wanted you to marry her! ;o) 2. Until you've had to deal with raging hormones, you just have no idea what it's like. I cried because we had no bread one day. I think she's doing better than I did! It's hard to be pleasant when you feel crappy.

As far as football....we are so proud of you and know that you will realize your dream. Of course, we would love it if Utah would just figure out what a treasure you are! Then we can have you close to us!

Keep up the good work and keep believing!!
Mom W