Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Never done one of these 'tagged' things, but figured they were pretty easy questions that I could figure out!
8 Favorite T.V. Shows
-The Hills
-The Office
-Project Runway
-Anything on TLC
-Anything on Food Network
-That's So Raven
-Grey's Anatomy
-American Idol(when it's on)

8 Favorite Restaurants
-Cafe Rio(miss it a lot)
-Blue Baker
-In n Out (not really a restaurant but that's ok)
-Cheese Cake Factory
-Raw (sushi, thanks aunt sue!)
-Honolulu Grill
-The Pie Pizzaria

8 Things That Happend Yesterday
-I went to work, as usual
-I went to the park with Misi and Prince and played catch with the football
-Did some walking/running while at the park
-Made sandwhiches for dinner (we have that a lot)
-Helped misi with his homework while working
-Went to the church and watched Misi and Prince play 'Church Ball'
-Talked to Mykelle and my Dad for a bit
-Best part of all was layed down, watched T.V. for a bit, and read my scriptures.

8 Things To Look Forward To
-Misi making a team!
-Heading back to Utah to spend time with family for the Holiday's
-Our baby arriving
-Thanksgiving and Christmas
-Finding our own place to live
-Running a triathalon/marathon
-Buying a new car and baby stuff
-Seeing Misi happy and feeling successful in everything he does

8 Things I LOVE About Fall
-The weather
-The food and smells!
-Jackets and sweats
-Building fires
-Color of leaves
-Holiday atmosphere
-Football season
-Family time

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D and Mai said...

hey are you gonna come out here so we can have a baby shower for you??!!