Thursday, October 23, 2008


The tag was to 1.) Go to the pictures folder on your computer 2.) go to the 4th folder 3.) get the 4th picture in your folder 4.) Tag 4 other people. This amazing picture is taken at the movie theater here in College Station. There isn't a whole lot to do here so we see a lot of movies. As you can tell everyone looks so excited because we just got out of a movie, and I'm just being my good ol' self. I don't really know who to tag, but I'm gonna tag my mom Denise, Wesley my brother, and two other people who feel that this tag is meant for them!

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Lindsey Wintch said...

Hey Whitters.....wanted to say hi cause I just found your blog! Yeah! You guys look great and congrats on expecting! What a cute little prego lady you will be!