Wednesday, November 14, 2012


November 4, 2012
This is Tali at church. Exactly how she is, too. She are usually chasing her all over the place. Sacrament last maybe a good 10 minutes and then she's done!

 November 8, 2012
Our sweet Tali. Tali has grown up a lot in just the past month! She is now talking up a storm and can repeat most of what she say! She is still attached to her binky and dog. She loves her sister, and is very content most of the time. She's loves being with family, and gets to giddy to see everyone. Tali is very loving too. She gets sad when someone is sad and will usually fake cry with them. She's very patient, and can sit and play with something for a while. She loves volleyball, too and gets excited to be in the volleyball gym with mom. Tali is always smiling! She loves cheesing for the camera! She is also pretty mischievous and tends to make get into things she shouldn't! Like the picture of flour below from my moms house! No one knew where she was but when she was found, it was very clear where she had been! I love how smart she is. She catches onto things VERY quickly! She is always giving hugs and kisses which we love SO much!!

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