Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paalo...bed head

November 4, 2012
This was Paalo's hair when she woke up. She always has crazy hair when she wakes up. But it sure makes up happy. Paalo is a great big sister, and LOVES her sister Tali. She is my biggest helper and always the who I call on when I need help. She's very protective of me. So protective that she cried pretty hard when I had to see the Doctor for a check-up. She was very nervous that they were going to hurt me. She gets really say whenever I start to wrestle with my younger brothers. She does not like it one bit! We kind of laugh, but at the same time I feel bad for her. I'm grateful that I have someone to always have my back ;) Paalo's latest love is make-up. I watch a lot of make-up tutorials on youtube and lately she has been watching them with me, and now insists to only watch them by herself. She's snuck into my make-up a couple times and done her own. She even gets into my moms whenever we go to Nana's house. She had make-up on for my last home volleyball game and the trainer, Jeani, told her she liked her make-up. Paalo immediately replied 'I can put make-up on for you if you want!' Boy, have a got my work cut out for me! She still loves volleyball, and being in the gym. She loves dress-ups, and dolls. But she would pick playing and wrestling with her uncles over that! We are sure proud of Paalo and how smart she is. She can write her name, and knows her alphabet. We are working on writing more, and math! So blessed to have a beautiful daughter who teaches me to be better everyday! 

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