Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Girls/Swiss Days

Got Juice? Palo loves her juice!
Modeling her dads MTXE this girl! Palo is our chatter box! Her new favorite thing to say after we say or tell her something is "How, why?" We're getting a lot of "how why's" in our conversations lately!

 Swiss Days
We had another fun Swiss Day's this year. Only 3 of us ran the 5K race (Me, Mykelle, Dad) and Palo, Kam, and Britton rode in the parade!

 You can't tell but she's covered in dirt after a long day of playing.

Beautiful Tali...had to put all these pictures on because she looks so cute in all of them! Tali is very alert now, only laughs for Palo, likes to chew on her tongue, is pretty picky on how she wants to be held, and is starting to grab for things, and still as blue eyes!

Had to take a picture of the girls together, it's Palo's favorite thing to do.
 During General Conference we braided Palo's hair. It was one of the only ways we got her to sit still and watch!

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