Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Palo time

Now that we have another baby, I'm having to find new things for Palo to do. She loves the ipod and runs it better than we do! Here she is watching Netflix. 
Palo loves to swim, and with how hot it gets here, we sure enjoy it too!

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Brock and Melissa said...

thanks for your sweet comment! My goodness you make beautiful babies! Two little girls, how fun. You are one pretty mama, especially just after giving birth. I will take your word for it about TX. We are excited and love it here already, still trying to adjust though that's for sure. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call me when you are here. We will meet you anywhere and we have plenty of room for the 4 of you to stay with us. :)Congrats on your sweet new addition to the fam. Hope all is well for you all.