Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Up-date

Palo is a couple days shy of turning 17 months! She has definitely grown up SO much this past little while that I thought I should jot it down before I forget! She has also been teething this past week (top molars are coming in) so we've been a bit cranky around here lately. Thankfully it doesn't last long! Here are a few of her favorite signs. She's signs for a lot of things now, but these are the most used:
-Eat, water, please, thank you, more, baby, done, and ball.
Words she says:
-Mom, dad, nanna, pappa, ball, Palo, thank you, no, don't, apple, wa wa(for water) name a few.
Lately she has loved looking at pictures of herself. She'll bring us our phones or point the computer and say, 'Palo, Palo' wanting us to show her herself. She still a dancer. She loves spending time outside and swimming. She has a full on sprint, will do push-ups, sit-ups, and now does burpee's hmm...She will catch a football and throw it back. She loves her dolly and carries it everywhere. Palo also loves playing with her dishes and will bring us food to eat (pretend of course). She is such a talker and will mumble just about anything she can...especially when talking on the phone! Books have become a lot more interesting and we end up reading brown bear and Alice the Fairy over and over again. Her feet keep growing, too...she's already to a size 7 in toddlers.
What a JOY Palo is to us. There is never a dull moment and I couldn't be more proud to be her mamma!!

This picture you can't really tell, but she took a bite out of some play dough and it's stuck in her teeth.

Palo climbing on my dresser...she got a hold of my gum.

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