Tuesday, January 26, 2010


With here daddy being silly
Goofy girl
This picture is just so funny, I caught her with the glasses, mouth wide open!
Yesterday, while at my moms...we had to come up with ways to keep Palo busy. She seems to get bored very easy and has to go go go. So, I had my brothers Britt & Kam pull her around the house on a blanket. She loved it. We were cracking up because Kam would say, "Palo, if you're having fun, smile." And without hesitation she'd get the biggest grin on her face!
And here's the famous 'smile'


Brock and Melissa said...

Whit she is darling! What a crack up. Just like her cute mom! I love seeing up dates. Cute little family.

Devan and Lexie said...

She is SO cute Whit! I haven't seen you in forever...so I'm glad you keep updating. :)