Monday, January 4, 2010


This is our most recent picture of Palo, and this is EXACTLY how she is! ALWAYS smiling...we will tell her to 'say cheese' and this is what we get!! We just love it!
Palo with Misi at the Christmas Eve Program...
First time on Santa's lap. She actually did SO good, which is surprising because she's not too fond of strangers!

It still is hard to believe we are starting off another year! Where does time go?? I am, however, very excited to start off fresh with new year resolutions, and excited to experience another year of life! This month our baby girl is turning ONE! SO scary if you ask me...scary because I don't want her to grow up! I have a hard time thinking about it, but at the same time I'm preparing myself, knowing I can't stop time :) For now, I try to soak in every moment and enjoy Palo as much as I can.
Palo is a true character. I have to admit, she is a bit sassy and may even have a temper, which must come from my side. From what my parents tell me, I had an attitude. can be pretty stinkin' funny!

P.S. we had an awesome Christmas. It was very simple and involved a lot of family. Palo seemed to enjoy the wrapping paper and loved playing with the kids! Also, my mom posted all of the pics of Christmas on her blog!

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