Friday, July 10, 2009

Final Post :) collage warning

Now to update on our lives :) Since we do so much...not really! Palo is usually the biggest entertainment and most exciting part of our lives so we mostly talk about her. For the most part, most of our hot summer days are spent at the pool! And thank goodness Palo LOVES the water. As soon as she sets foot in the water she starts jumping away. We also got a camera so we sure love taking pictures now. There are a lot of random pics of us and the baby....
Did we metion that she loves to eat hahaha.....I know, it shows
This is misi's older brother and his family. We were saying goodbye before they moved to Hawaii! We miss them already!Palo's new favorite thing...her bouncer! She loves to bounce now which means our arms are tired and sore.

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Troy and Segi Worthen said...

its about time you updated your blog sheeesh!lol:) I love all the pics of your family especially of Palo:)