Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Reunion

Yummy toes

This is what Palo does when she gets in her chair now...maybe she wants to be a gymnist?
Baby sleeping, she just looks huge...
She LOVES her toes, like most babies, she eats them, too!
Such a smiley girl....she can sit up on her own now!!We just got back from a 3day weekend/family reunion. We went to my parents cabin with our cousins the 'Whipples'. It ended up being a lot of fun! We ate a TON of food, played cards, had a paint ball tourney, and enjoyed the cool weather. Best part of all we forgot to take pictures! I know others were taking pics but I didn't get any 0n my camera!
Palo did really good this weekend. Despite her still not sleeping very well, she loved all the attention and having so many cousins to play with her. Once the weekend was over she was very happy to be home!
Palo is also waving...thanks to her auntie kel who taught her....she has the wave down!
This is palo reaching for her toys of these days she may fall out!

Wednesday night I talked mykelle into running the Chelsi 5k run. It started at 11pm and we were definitely ready for bed before it even started. It ended up being a lot of fun! I ran it in 25 minutes and even won a prize at the end! hahaha Thank to myk for running with me (even if it was only half way lol)


Carsen and Lesina said...

your baby girl looks more like whitney! she is super adorable. seems like you guys have been enjoying your summer good thing you have access to a pool in that st. george heat. miss you guys. hopefully, i will see your cute fam at fiti's wedding.

Garrett and Shelly said...

Whit your little sweetheart is so precious! I showed Garrett and we just got really baby hungry :) We just started blogging to keep up with everyone, check ours at shellyandgarrett.blogspot, hope you are doing well, you are such an amazing girl and I'm sure you are the best wife and mommy!!