Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jadon's Play & Thanksgiving

Monday the 24th of November we got to go and watch Jadon's play Beauty and the was so much fun. They did such a great job, and of course Jadon was amazing. Britton also did a super job at being was fun to see him sing and play a fun part!

What a crazy Thanksgiving!! The Whipples came to our house this year--which meant we had a house full! I think they counted about 35-40 people including the kids. Early Thanksgiving morning the boys had there annual Turkey Bowl. It was quite hilarious to say the least. Me, Mykelle, and my Mom went and watched for a little was a cold morning but that didn't stop anyone from playing!

We ended up eating dinner around 130, and had TONS of food. This pic /\ is part of the fam eating dinner. There was also a table full and all the kids at the bar. There was so much food that we pretty much made ourselves sick!
Later that evening, after everyone had rested, there was a crazy game of basketball across the street from our house at the church. Our family is so competivtive, and I was a little upset I couldn't play, but it was lots of fun to sit around and watch!!
How lucky we are to have such an awesome family. Everyday we feel more and more blessed! We missed Misi's family this year and wish we could have seen them!!


Troy and Segi Worthen said...

oh my heck! what a party.Looks like alot of fun

Carsen and Lesina said...

yes you guys sure know how to party. hey email me: and I will send you an invite. okie dokie. btw welcome back to utah.

Darice said...

Okay have been in st. george for how long and I have not seen you yet...I expect a phone or text sometime this week woman:)

Lindsey Wintch said...

Looks like you had an awesome Thanksgiving with family! Cute Pictures!