Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

This Christmas our family was in charge of the annual Christmas Eve program held here in Santa Clara. It was a lot of work but ended up being a lot of fun. Mykelle and I were in charge of the 10 year olds group and we taught them the song "Light up the Tree." They did a great job but I'm glad we don't have to practice anymore. I also got scammed into being Mary for the nativity part...and poor Dalton was the Joseph. All the kids had a blast getting their presents from Santa couldn't wait to go to sleep!
After the Christmas Eve program we went and ate at Grandma and Grandpa Frei's, then headed back home where we opened our pajama's. All 7 of us kids and 2 spouses slept in my parents theater room..how we all fit I don't know because we had 4 mattress' in the room. The kids woke up after 6 o'clock and we didn't go down stairs until about 6:40 the next morning!
this is Kameron's group singing the Marshmellow song...
Jadon had a solo. He sang "Mary Did You Know"
Me and Dalton the incredible Mary and Joseph

At my parents house opening the pajama's!

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mil and jared said...

haha oh I wish I could've seen you and mykelle in charge! I bet the ten year olds were the luckiest group there!!