Sunday, October 7, 2012


September 17, 2012
These 2 girls can be crazy! Tali was saying 'Cheese' in these pictures even though it's hard to tell! Sure do love them! Tali is talking a LOT more! She LOVES singing time and can do most of the signs. She is a very smart baby. Paalo was smart too, but much different than Paalo. Tali calls everyone 'Mama' for some reason, she LOVES dogs and gets very giddy when she see's them! Tali is also a VERY good sleeper, again very different then her sister Paalo. Paalo is our little Diva. She loves girly things (make-up, dress ups) but would rather be playing football and wrestling with the boys. She's also got this awesome 3 year old temper. Thank goodness she's a good helper, sister, and always willing to do what her mom needs her to do! 

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