Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tali's 1st Birthday!

Sunday June 3, 2012
My sweet Tali on her Birthday. Words don't describe enough how much love and joy you have brought into my life, Tali. I could go on and on about how sweet you are, how kind you are, how much you love your sister Paalo.  I knew you were special the day you were born. You brought a peace into our home that I will cherish forever. I will never forget the first time we discovered your sweet dimples. Auntie Mykelle spotted them in the hospital a few minutes after you were born. We were all so envious of how beautiful you were. I have so many things that I love about you; things I never want to forget! 
**I love that you love Paalo so much. Lately you have been running to her, hugging her and resting your head on her chest. I know this makes Paalo SO happy! Paalo cares about you SO much! Just today (june 4) we took you to the doctor for your 1 year check up. The whole time Paalo kept telling me how much she didn't want you to get shots! She was getting very upset that you had to have them. Paalo watched you with great concern as you began to scream and cry from the shots (at your 9month appointment Paalo cried watching you.) As soon as we were done Paalo quickly ran to get you a sucker to make you happy. The love that you two share is beyond precious. Whenever you are hurt, or start to cry, Paalo is begging me to let her hold you to console you (even though you sometimes don't want her). Melts my heart every time!
**I love watching you smile! You always have a grin on your face!
**I love that you love to be held, and loved on. We are always squeezing you and kissing you! The best part is that you hug and kiss back.
**I love listening to you talk and jabber. We can carry on a conversation about who knows what and you love it!
**I love watching you sing! Whenever we play the song "I know Heavenly Father Loves Me" you sing right along with it.
**I love your hugs, and kisses. 
**I love when you try and runaway when you've done something, or gotten ahold of something you shouldn't have.
**I love that you are so calm and patient. You are always letting Paalo pick you up, feed you, play with you, carry you around the house, sing to you, and get mad at you. 
**I think it's hilarious that you love to eat paper. Paper towels, toilet paper, tissue papers, Q-tips, anything you can get your hands on!

She had just woken up and wasn't quite sure what was going on. 

Hanging out while Tali opens her presents. She LOVES cell phones!!

 Leftover cake from Grandma Vicki's birthday. Kallan put a candle in it so she could blow out her candle.

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