Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve

December 24, 2011
We had the annual Christmas Eve program, which turned out great! The kids were excited to see santa and did a great job singing their songs. Paalo loves her cousin's Kannon and Kelton (who she calls Robert when she forgets his name!) Paalo is always so excited to see and play with the twins, and they are always so good to Paalo!
 Getting ready for the program to start...Paalo wanted to sit with the boys.

 Paalo getting ready to sing her 'Angels' song. She did really good...but didn't sing much. She wandered around for a minute and then just mostly stood there watching the other kids sing.

Here's Tali sitting on Santa's lap and then opening her present! 

Paalo was such a big girl this year! She was SO nervous to sit on Santa's lap, and she actually screamed a little bit before we went up, but once we got up there I put her on the stage and pushed her towards him and she went to him and sat on his lap! She was so happy that she did it, and so was I!

 After the program we went to Grandma Vick's to open pajama's....

 ...and then the kids modeled for us and let us TRY to take a decent picture...

 least they all got in one picture!
 Later that night Misi and Kallan had to run back to our house to get some presents and Misi forgot to take our garage Kallan had to squeeze through the only window open! Pretty dang funny!

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