Sunday, August 21, 2011

Palo up-date

Oh how I love this age! Palo has the cutest little voice, and says the silliest things ALL the time! Her favorite thing right now is playing hide-and seek. She will go and hide (usually under a blanket) and tell us to count. Once we're done counting, we HAVE to say ready or not, here we come! She is so funny because when we're looking for her we'll say "Palo, where are you?" and she will reply "I'm in my room!" It's pretty funny because she will always answer and tell us where she's at.
She loves her sister Tali, and is always trying to help me or love on her. She's a lot stronger then she realizes, and her hugs are usually a tight squeeze around Tali's neck. She will randomly come up to Tali and say "hi sweetie sweetie." She copy's a lot of what I do, and calls her sweetie, and honey all the time. When Tali's crying she will say "you're okay sweetie." It's pretty darn cute!
We have had more than one episode of Palo picking up Tali. Poor Tali is squeezed to death every time. I have to watch Palo very closely because once I turn around she usually wants to pick her up.
Palo still loves to "phwim" like a big girl and gets so excited to tell us that she swam all by herself!
Palo definitely has her 2 year old moments. She has started to fake cry at times...which can be pretty frustrating and sometimes funny.
She loves to play with her "Tousin's" (cousins) and will randomly ask where they are.
Lately, after I tell her something, she will say "What you say mom?" I will answer, and she will ask me "What you say mom" about five more times to make sure she heard it very clear I'm guessing.
She is starting to get quite the imagination. She loves playing with her dolls and stuffed animals and talking to them.
There is nothing like this age! I love watching her learn and grow, and especially love the laughter she brings into our home.

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