Friday, July 8, 2011

They're official!

{July 5} 
It was a night to remember for these two love birds. After dinner at Applesbee's, Dalton drove mykelle to a lookout spot on the red hill to propose to Mykelle. We were all there, hiding, and waiting for their arrival. I was hiding with the flip camera to record it, my mom hid with her camera, and Tiff hid behind them with her camera. It ended up not being much of a surprise when I stuck my head out to see where they were and was caught. At least we got the whole thing on camera, seen or not! We are very happy for these two and can't wait for September 9th when they tie the knot!

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Tiffany Webster said...

lol... too funny! I wish I could have seen your face when you realized you were caught. lol, I swear from my angle no one could see you! Lol, At least Mykelle can always laugh at the night she was proposed too. And yes... seriously can't wait for these two to finally get married! Wahooo!!! Love ya!!! And love all the blog posts!