Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Palo

Here are some random pictures of Palo! She has quite the personality!
Palo is still our little love bug. She's always giving us hugs and kisses. Randomly throughout the day she will come up to me with her arms stretched out and say "G'me hug. G'me kiss" and always says I love you.
She loves to visit the animals by my mom's house...she likes to ask us what the horse and cows say.
She started to ask us "What's your name." When we tell her mommy, or daddy, she will just say 'Oh.'
She LOVES playing with her friends. Whenever we see kids anywhere she always tells me they are her friends.
She can't wait to go swimming! She asks to swim every time we drive by the pool.
She's still an awesome eater. There isn't much she doesn't like.
Palo does have her fair share of tantrums, but they don't last long, and once she's done she will ask me "Mom, are you happy? I'm happy!"
She loves being outside and still enjoys going with her dad to train the 'guys.'
We can't get enough of this girl. We know she's going to be the best big sister in about a month!
 Putting on her jewelry.
 Not sure what it is but she loves trying on goggles!

 Here we are having dinner at Palo's place.
 A Friday night, after having pizza on the lawn.

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