Monday, September 27, 2010

Swiss Days!

(September 25)
We started off the day with the 5K race. We all had a good time, and we SO glad we crossed the finish line! I think most of us beat our times...thank goodness. I didn't get a side ache until the very end so I was pretty happy!
As soon as the race ended, we hurried home and got ready for the annual parade. Our theme was 'Busy Bee's' and no one was left out of the parade. Here are all the cute kids riding the the Bee Train. Palo was really only interested in the candy.
The big kid float
Tiff and Jak Jak
Typical boys, fighting haha

Yocum boy's being Kelton's covering his face!

20 Months

(September 21)
This cute little bug turned 20 months, and we couldn't be happier! I absolutely love this age. Here are a few of Palo's FAVORITE things to do:
Jump on the tramp. We can not get her off the tramp without a fight now.
Still loves to sing and dance to Justin Bieber, Baby.
Dance...a lot of dancing. 
She loves animals.
Loves babies, dolls and real ones :)
Is talking non-stop.
This is another picture taken from my phone, I wish I would've had my camera so it wasn't so blurry. Palo loves playing with her friend Baylee, and cute Baylee got Palo all dressed up, she even put her shoes on her. They had fun dancing around, listening to 'Princess Music'

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Silly Moments

Palo is definitely a silly girl lately.
She loves doing what mom and dad are doing.
Here she is trying to put mommy's bra
on, we got quite a kick out of it!
The quality of this picture isn't too great
since it's from my phone but while Palo was jumping on my bed I
was in my bathroom getting ready. I turned around and
caught her doing this. She did it all by herself.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

19 Months

(August 21)
Oops, behind again! Palo turned 19 months, and I seriously can't believe it! She's such a sassy little bug. We can't even explain how much fun she is! Right now, she is IN LOVE with watching Open Season, Signing time, and Shark Tale...and now is a Justin Bieber fan. She would listen to 'Baby O' over and over again, dancing and singing 'baby, baby, baby, oh' all day if I let her. We get such a kick out of it!
Palo also loves her stuffed animals. She takes them wherever she goes...such a good little mama. 
She's still a football fan and enjoys being at the stadium with dad.
Still not the best sleeper. I'm just praying that one day, it will just hit her and BOOM, she's a good sleeper :)
She's very solid, and is almost too heavy to pick up anymore. 
Still loves being outside. 
Runs away when she knows she's in trouble.
Has a thing for
We just LOVE Palo SOO much, and don't know what we would do without her. 
Little stinker LOVES getting into my make-up, and here's her attempt of putting on mascara...not too bad!!
Cell phone, glasses, purse, all ready to go :)
Did I not say Diva?? She's was born a singer! Such a cutie...